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1575-1624, Germany


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[1 of 2] Boehme, Jacob (1575-1624, Germany): primary subject "Reality, observations on": source "Cosmic Consciousness": detail "From 'Life and Doctrines of Jacob Boehme' by Franz Hartman"
 If you will behold your own self and the outer world, and what is taking place therein, you will find that you, with regard to your external being, are that external world. 

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[2 of 2] Boehme, Jacob (1575-1624, Germany): primary subject "God, as word": source "Mysterium Magnum, vol.1": detail "Chapter 2 para.10"
Christianity: ProtestantTherefore there is nothing nigh unto or afar off from God; one world is in the other, and all are only one: But one is spiritual, the other corporeal, as soul and body are in each other; and also time and eternity are but one thing, yet in distinct or different beginnings. The spiritual world in the internal Principle has an eternal beginning, and the outward a temporal; each has its birth in itself. But the eternal speaking Word rules through and over all; yet it can neither be apprehended nor conceived, either by the spiritual or by the external world, that it should stand still; but it works from eternity to eternity, and its work is conceived. For it is the formed Word, and the working Word is its life, and is incomprehensible; for the Word is without all essence, as a bare understanding only, or as a power that brings itself into essence.