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[Friday March 24] Meister Eckhart (1260-1328, Germany): primary subject "God" (search under Beings/God)": detail "From Tractate 3"
Christianity: Middle Ages to 1600God is the one thing that needs nothing and that all things need.

[Thursday March 23] Whitman, Walt (1819-1892, USA): primary subject "Life, as a journey" (search under Outer Life/Culture, Life, Society)": detail "From 'Song of the Open Road'"
Writers, Poets, ArtistsBe not discouraged—keep on—there are divine things, well envelop'd;
I swear to you there are divine things more beautiful than words can tell.

[Wednesday March 22] Marcus Aurelius (AD 121-180, Italy): primary subject "Death" (search under Inner Life/Death, Suffering)": source "Thoughts of the Emperor Marcus Aurelius": detail "Chapter II.11"
Greece, Rome, AlexandriaBut death certainly, and life, honor and dishonor, pain and pleasure, all these things equally happen to good men and bad, being things which make us neither better nor worse. Therefore they are neither good nor evil.

[Tuesday March 21] Meher Baba (1894-1969, India): primary subject "Work, summary/overview" (search under Outer Life/Religions, Ways)"
India, Iran, Tibet, BuddhismNeither praise nor blame should distract you from the path of your duty. Leave aside all other considerations; if your conscience tells you that you have discharged the duty properly, that is enough. Your conscience is the best judge. It is human to err, and there must be mistakes, you can only do your best. Always be in time, look after your work personally, do not leave anything to others, and then if mistakes happen they will be overlooked and pardoned.

[Monday March 20] Molinos, Miguel de (1628-1696, Spain): primary subject "Teaching" (search under Inner Life/Practices)"
Christianity: Catholic after 1600It is always good to speak as one who learns and not as one who knows. Esteem those who hold you as ignorant more than those who hold you as wise and prudent.

[Sunday March 19] Attar, Farid ud-Din (c. 1145-1220, Persia): primary subject "Friendship" (search under Inner Life/Love, Positive Emotion, Virtue, Will)": detail "‘The Conference of the Birds’ III.14"
IslamA friend must remain a friend. It is in misfortune that you discover on whom you can rely; for in good fortune you will have a thousand friends.