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[Tuesday November 29] Clement of Alexandria (150 - c. 215, Greece): primary subject "Giving, and receiving" (search under Inner Life/Love, Positive Emotion, Virtue, Will)": source "Ante-Nicene Fathers, vol.2": detail "From ‘The Instructor’ bk.ii,ch.iii"
Christianity: Church FathersThe miser who gathers money gathers into a bag with holes … and he who gives to no one becomes poorer.

[Monday November 28] Bernardino de Laredo (1482-1540, Spain): primary subject "Love" (search under Inner Life/Love, Positive Emotion, Virtue, Will)"
Christianity: Middle Ages to 1600He who is indeed in love never finds a river without a ford.

[Sunday November 27] Hakuin (1686-1769, Japan): primary subject "Questioning" (search under Inner Life/Practices)"
Japan, ZenUnderlying great doubt there is great satori [enlightenment]; where there is thorough questioning there will be thoroughgoing experience of awakening.

[Saturday November 26] Menander (342- c. 292 BC, Greece): primary subject "Death, awareness or remembrance of" (search under Inner Life/Death, Suffering)"
Greece, Rome, AlexandriaIf you with your true self would be acquainted,
Look at the grave-stones as you travel past.
 Bones lie beneath and the light-drifting dust
 Of kings and despots, of the skilled and wise,
 Of men who gloried in their birth or riches
 Or reputation won or beauty of body—
 Then all was gone before the assault of Time.
 One place of death men share, and share alike.
 Look to the graves—and make your own acquaintance.

[Friday November 25] Meister Eckhart (1260-1328, Germany): primary subject "Veil(s)" (search under Inner Life/Meanings)": detail "From Sermon 42"
Christianity: Middle Ages to 1600Joy is a means, fear is a means, faith and hope and pain, they all are means. While you regard them and they have regard to you, you cannot not see God.

[Thursday November 24] St. John Climacus (6th - 7th century, Middle East): primary subject "Practice, not just words" (search under Inner Life/Practices)": source "Ladder of Divine Ascent": detail "From ‘Step 26: On Discernment’"
Christianity: Church FathersLet us seek to discover the things of heaven through the sweat of our efforts, rather than by mere talk, for at the hour of death it is deeds, not words, that must be displayed.