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[Monday January 17] Evagrius Ponticus (c. 345-400, Turkey): primary subject "Love, of neighbor" (search under Inner Life/Love, Positive Emotion, Virtue, Will)": detail "From 'On Prayer'"
Christianity: Eastern OrthodoxBlessed is the man who regards everyone as God after God.

[Sunday January 16] Tulsidas (1532-1623, India): primary subject "Work, summary/overview" (search under Outer Life/Religions, Ways)": detail "Quoted by Vivekananda in ‘Writings: Prose and Poems’, from ‘The East and the West’"
India, Iran, Tibet, BuddhismWhen you first came to this world, the world rejoiced and you cried; now live your life in doing such acts that when you will leave this world, the world will cry for you and you will leave it laughing.

[Saturday January 15] Swedenborg (1688-1772, Sweden): primary subject "Arguing" (search under Inner Life/Evil, Negative Emotion, Vice)": source "Spiritual Experiences, vol.3": detail "Section 3703, 3706"
Christianity: ProtestantArgumentation is the epitome of unwisdom; the more one reasons, the less one perceives.

[Friday January 14] Vivekananda (1863-1902, India): primary subject "Religion" (search under Outer Life/Religions, Ways)": detail "‘Lectures and Discourses: My Master’"
India, Iran, Tibet, BuddhismReligion does not consist in erecting temples, or building churches, or attending public worship. It is not to be found in books, or in words, or in lectures, or in organizations. Religion consists in realization.

[Thursday January 13] Hermes Trismegistus (6th century BC - AD 3rd century, Egypt, Greece): primary subject "Soul" (search under Inner Life/Mind, Psyche, Soul, Spirit)": source "Thrice-Greatest Hermes, vol.2": detail "From 'The Key'"
Gnosticism, Hermeticism, AlchemyMan on earth is god subject to death, while god in heaven is man immune from death.

[Wednesday January 12] Maneri, Sharafuddin (1263-1381, India): primary subject "Desire" (search under Inner Life/Evil, Negative Emotion, Vice)"
IslamA servant [of God] can perform no greater act of devotion than to oppose his own inordinate desires. Yet it is easier for a man to dig up a mountain with his nails than to oppose his own desires.