Spiritual Awakening


[1 of 1] Swedenborg (1688-1772, Sweden): primary subject "First-hand accounts, Protestant" (search under Inner Life/Experiences)": source "Spiritual Experiences, vol.2": detail "Section 2951"
Before my mind had been opened so that I could speak with spirits and thus be convinced by actual experience, there had occurred with me earlier over a period of many years such proofs that I am amazed that I had still not come to the conviction regarding the Lord's government by means of spirits. Not only were there dreams for several years educating me regarding the matters I was writing about, but there were also changes of my state while I was writing, a certain extraordinary light on the things being written. Later there were also many visions with my eyes closed, and light given miraculously, spirits sensorially perceived, many times, as plainly revealed to the senses as objects are to the bodily senses, and attacks by various methods from evil spirits during temptations. And then later, when I was writing things repugnant to the evil spirits so that I was obsessed almost to the point of horror, I would see fiery lights, hear conversations in the early morning, among many other proofs, until the time when a certain spirit addressed me in a few words.
 I was very surprised that he discerned my thoughts, and later very surprised when my mind was opened so that I conversed with spirits, even as the spirit was then also at my being surprised. These things lead me to conclude with what difficulty a person on earth can be led to believing that we are ruled by the Lord through spirits, and with what difficulty we withdraw from the opinion that we live our own life, from ourselves, without any spirit.
 I realized at a certain point after some months when I spoke with spirits that if I were let back into my original state, I could have fallen into the opinion that they had been fantasies.