Criticisms of modern Christianity


[1 of 1] Swedenborg (1688-1772, Sweden): primary subject "Christianity, criticisms of" (search under Outer Life/Religions, Ways)": source "True Christian Religion, Appendix": detail "Section XLV - LXII"
The falsities which have hitherto desolated the Christian Church, and at length consummated it, are principally the following.
 1. That its members receded from the worship of the Lord preached by the Apostles, and from faith in Him.
 2. That they separated the Divine Trinity from the Lord, and transferred it to three divine and eternal persons, and consequently to three gods.
 3. That they divided saving faith among these three persons.
 4. That they separated charity and good works from this faith, as not being at the same time of a saving nature.
 5. That they deduced from this faith alone, justification, that is, the remission of sins, regeneration, and salvation, independent of man's co-operation.
 6. That they denied man free-will in spiritual things, asserting thus, that God alone operates in man, and that on his part man does not operate at all.
 7. That the necessary consequence of this was Predestination, by which religion is abolished.
 8. That they made the passion of the cross to be redemption.
 9. That from these tenets falses burst forth in such abundance, that there was no longer any genuine truth unfalsified, nor any genuine good unadulterated.
 10. That the church is totally ignorant of its desolation and consummation, and cannot know anything of it, until the Divine Truths revealed by the Lord in the work entitled ‘True Christian Religion’ (by Swedenborg), are seen in the light and acknowledged.
 11. That the Word [Bible] is so darkened and changed, that no truth any longer appears in it.
 12. That this new Christian Church shall not be established like the former by miracles, and this for many reasons.
 13. But that instead of miracles, the spiritual sense of the Word is revealed, and the spiritual world discovered, and the nature of heaven and hell manifested, also that man lives a man after death as before; which discoveries are to be preferred to all miracles.
 This new and true Christian Church, which the Lord is establishing at this day, will exist to all eternity; and it will be the crown of the four preceding churches; and it has been foreseen from the creation of the world,—proved from the Word of both the Old and New Testaments.
 In this new church there will be spiritual peace, glory, and internal blessedness of life, because there will be true Faith and true charity,—proved also from the Word of both the Old and New Testaments.
 These blessings will exist in this new church, for the sake of conjunction with the Lord, and through Him, with God the Father.
 An invitation to this church addressed to the whole Christian world, and an exhortation worthily to receive the Lord, who has foretold that He will come into the world, for this church and to it.