Good and truth in human form


[1 of 1] Swedenborg (1688-1772, Sweden): primary subject "Form, human, in all creation" (search under Cosmology/Cosmology, Laws)": source "Heaven and Hell": detail "Section 460"
There is a certain arcanum hitherto unknown to anyone, namely, that every good and truth that goes forth from the Lord and makes heaven is in the human form; and this not only as a whole and in what is greatest, but also in every part: and what is least; also that this form affects everyone who receives good and truth from the Lord, and causes everyone who is in heaven to be in the human form in accordance with his reception of good and truth. It is in consequence of this that heaven is like itself in general and in particular, and that the human form is the form of the whole, of every society, and of every angel; to which let it be added that it is the form of the least things of thought derived from heavenly love with the angels. No man, however, can easily comprehend this arcanum; but it is clearly comprehended by the angels, because they are in the light of heaven.