God as omnipotent


[1 of 1] Swedenborg (1688-1772, Sweden): primary subject "God, as omnipotent" (search under Beings/God)": source "True Christian Religion": detail "Section 500"
The consequence of not understanding the nature of the divine omnipotence is a belief in the truth of this position, that God could, without gifting man with free-determination in spiritual things, induce all the inhabitants of the earth to believe in him within the compass of a day. Those who do not conceive aright of the divine omnipotence, may imagine either that there is no such thing as order, or that God can alike act contrary to order and according to it; when nevertheless without it there could have been no creation. It is a primary law of order that a man should be an image of God, consequently that he should be perfected in love and wisdom, and thus become more and more such an image. This is the intent of God's continual operation on him; but without free-determination in spiritual things, by which he has the power to turn himself to God and to enter into mutual conjunction with him, such operation would be to no purpose, because the end designed could not possibly be accomplished; for it is from and according to order that the whole world, with all and everything it contains, was created; on which account God is called order itself; so that it is the same thing to speak of acting contrary to order, or contrary to God. Even God himself cannot possibly act contrary to his own divine order, because that would be to act contrary to himself; consequently he leads every man according to order, that is, according to himself, endeavoring, as order, to bring the wandering and backsliding into order, and to reduce the disobedient to order.