[1 of 1] Swedenborg (1688-1772, Sweden): primary subject "Jesus, as Christ, nature of" (search under Outer Life/People, Places, History)": source "Arcana Coelestia, vol.12": detail "Section 10659"
It is believed by most people in the Church, that the Lord came into the world in order to reconcile the Father by the passion of the cross; and that afterwards, those would be accepted for whom He should make intercession; also that He released man from condemnation by this, that He alone fulfilled the law which otherwise would have condemned every one; and thus that all would be saved who should hold that faith with confidence and trust. But those who are at all enlightened from heaven may see that it would not be possible for the Divine which is Love itself and Mercy itself, to cast away from itself, and condemn to hell the human race. Those who are enlightened can also see that it was not reconciled by its Son's passion of the cross; and that it was not moved in this way to mercy; and also that for the life not to condemn any one if there be confident faith concerning that reconciliation, and for salvation to be effected by faith from mercy would be impossible; and that all those who think and believe otherwise can see nothing at all; they speak and understand nothing; they therefore call those things that are to be believed, and not to be comprehended, mysteries. It therefore follows that all enlightenment from the Word [Bible], showing that the matter is quite otherwise, must be rejected; for light from heaven cannot enter where such a shadow from such contradictions prevails. It is called a shadow because the subject is not at all understood. But to those who are enlightened the Lord gives a them the power to understand what they believe; and those who acknowledge the Lord and love to live according to His precepts, are enlightened when they read the Word, and they understand it, but such is not the case with those who say that they believe, and do not live accordingly; for the Lord flows in into the life of man, and thence into faith, but not into faith apart from life.
 Those, therefore, who are enlightened by the Lord through the Word, understand that the Lord came into the world that He might subdue the hells, and bring into order all things there and in the heavens, and that this could not possibly be done except through the Human; for from this he could fight against the hells, but not from the Divine without the Human; and also that he might glorify His Human, in order that He might thereby forever keep all things in the order to which He had reduced them. From this comes the salvation of men; for the hells are around every man; because everyone is born into evils of every kind; and where evils are there are the hells, and unless these had been put back by the Divine Power of the Lord, it would be impossible for anyone to be saved. To be led away from evils, is to be regenerated, and thus to be saved, which is mercy, which is not immediate, as is believed, but mediate, that is, to those who depart from evils, and so admit the truth of faith and the good of love from the Lord into their life. Immediate mercy, or, that which would extend to every one merely from the good pleasure of God, is contrary to Divine Order, and what is contrary to Divine Order is contrary to God, for order is from God, and His Divine in heaven is order. To receive order into one's self is to be saved, which is effected solely by living according to the precepts of the Lord.