Life as reaction


[1 of 1] Swedenborg (1688-1772, Sweden): primary subject "Action, and reaction" (search under Cosmology/Science)": source "Divine Love and Wisdom": detail "Section 68"
In life alone there is action, and the reaction is excited by the action of life. This reaction appears as if it belonged to the created subject, from the fact that it exists when the subject is acted upon. Thus in man it appears as if the reaction were his, because he has no other feeling than that the life is his, when yet a man is only a recipient of life. From this cause it is that man from his hereditary evil reacts against God. But in proportion as he believes that all his life is from God, and that all the good of life is from the action of God, and all the evil of life from the reaction of man, in the same proportion reaction becomes the property of the action, and the man acts with God, as from himself. The equilibrium of all things is from action, and at the same time from reaction, and everything must be in equilibrium. These things are said that man may not believe that he himself ascends to God by himself, but by the Lord.