[1 of 1] Swedenborg (1688-1772, Sweden): primary subject "Life, needs to be yielding" (search under Inner Life/Teachings)": source "Spiritual Experiences, vol.1": detail "Section 242"
It cannot but seem paradoxical to everyone that in the most minute human fibers, there is nothing solid, or fixed together, and thus at rest; for if it were fixed together, or thereby standing still, it would be exceedingly breakable and would most quickly perish, because not attachable to anything. But in the inner regions, not even the least part of a part of a part, even unto the more and the most inward spiritual substances, is at rest, but they are most fluid, as in spirits and angels.
 Only physical elements can be said to be fixed together—but not in the way that the fallacy of sight and touch leads one to believe: for the less something is concretized or approaches solidity, the more durable it is. This is apparent from many examples, as in old age, when the parts begin to harden and become more solid—thus to all appearances, more firm—whereas they are then more fragile, and more susceptible to deterioration.
 From these considerations it therefore follows that man is a spirit, also while living in the body, and that the coherence of the individual parts depends upon their being yielding, and thus upon their being at the disposal of very inward and most inward elements, and through both of these, of God the Messiah.