Sex and afterlife


[1 of 2] Swedenborg (1688-1772, Sweden): primary subject "Sex, reproduction, porneia" (search under Inner Life/Evil, Negative Emotion, Vice)": source "Spiritual Experiences, vol.1": detail "Section 386"
They who had loved a promiscuous life, secretly practicing loose sexuality, likewise seem to themselves to dwell [in afterlife] in underground places, like little rooms, furnished with candles, and in fact with women resembling those who were the objects of their lewd promiscuity in secret. For fantasies take over when they depart from this life, and are turned into scenes of this kind.
 But they too are plagued, in a manner suited to the degree and motive of their promiscuities, as if by mice, and by the type of foul insects that the intentions of their lewdness had inwardly been. And even if they do not know that their intentions had been of this nature, yet these are now revealed to them in the form of foul insects and suchlike, until they abstain from them. For souls are at first led by means of fantasies, from which they are gradually turned away.
 Thus instead of sensual pleasure they are allotted dreadful fantasies, which then take hold on them, until they so detest the sensual pleasures that they want nothing more of them, and therefore finally turn away from them, even abhor them. So the fantasies are according to one's motives, or hidden loves.

[2 of 2] Swedenborg (1688-1772, Sweden): primary subject "Sex, reproduction, porneia" (search under Inner Life/Evil, Negative Emotion, Vice)": source "Spiritual Experiences, vol.2": detail "Section 1202 - 1203"
There are many men and women, especially in Christendom, who because they enter late into matrimony, and because they are punished when they conceive and bear offspring out of wedlock, acquire the nature of wanting to make love without any desire for children, thus cutting themselves off from the very central and deepest aspect of it.
 Since this is a very harmful thing, they are separated from heaven for just as long. And when toward the end of life, they live immersed in sexual desire alone, without true marriage love, and when they die in this condition, they are gravely punished after this life. For there are spirits who speak in a four beat, pulsating manner, but more quickly and fluently than the rest, coming to the provinces of the generative organs in a person or a spirit. They explore to see whether they are like that, and if they are, they sink down from that province together with that spirit or soul, to a middle depth, a little from the middle line in front, opposite to the innermost.
 They spoke with me. There they are laid on their back on linen sheets with their head leaning back, and it is as if their chests are opened up, and they are treated cruelly. But I did not see the punishment, only that afterwards they are turned over with their head down, and their outward or bodily elements are drawn out, and a long chain of them appear to be pulled upwards. Their inward elements, however, are led upwards, that is, their spiritual part.
 In this way they are divested of that profane passion for having sex only for the sake of lust by itself, without any longing for children. For so they are killed by the spirits who had spoken out saying they want to kill them. It is the intention of these spirits to kill such people, and that is why they lay them face down and seemingly cut them up with knives. The souls do think they are being killed, but in this way they are divested of that passion.