[1 of 1] Swedenborg (1688-1772, Sweden): primary subject "Adultery" (search under Inner Life/Evil, Negative Emotion, Vice)": source "Spiritual Experiences, vol.4": detail "Section 6054"
More about adulteries. The reason why adulteries prevail at the present day in the Christian world is because they lie within the marriage of falsity and evil. That the adulteries meant here are: those of a married man with whores, an unmarried man with another man’s wife, with an untouched virgin—cheating her of virginity without the intention of taking her as a wife, the pleasure of variety; because all this destroys what belongs to marriage. Not so if an unmarried man associates with a cooperating prostitute if he is unable to hold back and yet on account of affairs in various kingdoms cannot contract marriage—a mistress. But he must take care that he does not get into a marriage relationship, which is a more inward love, unless he is of a mind to lead her to be his wife. The first mentioned deprive themselves of all the delight of marriage, consequently of marriage love, but this latter one does not.