Structure of memory


[1 of 1] Swedenborg (1688-1772, Sweden): primary subject "Memory" (search under Inner Life/Mind, Psyche, Soul, Spirit)": source "Arcana Coelestia, vol.8": detail "Section 5881"
The order in which scientifics and truths are arranged in man's memory is unknown to man, but when it pleases the Lord it is known to angels. For it is a wonderful order. They cohere as in little bundles, and the little bundles themselves cohere together, and this according to the connection of things which the man had conceived. These coherences are more wonderful than any man can ever believe. In the other life they are sometimes presented to view, for in the light of heaven which is spiritual such things can be exhibited to the sight of the eye, but not at all in the light of the world. Scientifics and truths are arranged into these fascicular forms solely by the man's loves — into infernal forms by the loves of self and of the world, but into heavenly forms by love towards the neighbour and love to God. Wherefore, while the man is being regenerated, and conjunction of the good of the internal man with the truths of the external is being effected, a commotion takes place among the truths, for they then undergo a different arrangement.