Afterlife, justice in


[1 of 1] Swedenborg (1688-1772, Sweden): primary subject "Afterlife, justice in" (search under Afterlife/Afterlife, Heaven, Hell)": source "True Christian Religion": detail "Section 646"
That good, which is charity, and evil, which is iniquity, are imputed after death, is a fact which has been evinced to me by all my experience of the condition of those who pass from this world into the other. Every one, after some days abode in the world of spirits, is examined as to his nature and quality, particularly his quality in the former world as to religion; after which is done, the examiners make their report in heaven, and he is then translated to his like, consequently to his own companions; and in this consists his imputation. There is an imputation of good to all in heaven, and an imputation of evil to all in hell, as was evinced to me in the orderly arrangement of each by the Lord. The universal heaven is arranged into societies according to all the varieties of the love of good, and the universal hell according to all the varieties of the love of evil.
 In like manner the church on earth, as corresponding with heaven, is arranged in order by the Lord. Good constitutes its religion. Moreover, inquire of any one endued with religion and at the same time with reason, in any quarter of the globe, what kind of people he believes will go to heaven, and what kind to hell, and he will surely agree with you in declaring that those who do good will go to heaven, and those who do evil will go to hell. Besides, how plain is it to see that every man, who is truly such, loves another person, or a society of persons, or a state, or a kingdom, for the good that is in them! Indeed, he loves not only men according to this rule, but also beasts, and even inanimate things, as houses, possessions, fields, gardens, trees, woods, and lands; yea more, he loves even metals and stones for their goodness and use, because goodness and use are a one. How much more then for their goodness must the Lord love an individual man and the church.