Bible, connects heaven and earth


[1 of 1] Swedenborg (1688-1772, Sweden): primary subject "Bible, connects heaven and earth" (search under Outer Life/Doctrine, Rites, Scriptures)": source "Arcana Coelestia, vol.12": detail "Section 10452"
Regarding conjunction of the Lord with the human race, or of heaven with the world, by the Word [Bible], it must be stated how the case stands. Those who do not know what the nature of the Word is, cannot possibly believe that there is conjunction of the Lord with the human race, and of heaven with the world by its means; and still less those who despise the Word, or regard it as of no account. But they should know that the heavens subsist by means of the Divine Truth, and that without it there would be no heavens, and that the human race subsists by means of heaven. For unless heaven flowed in with men, they would neither be able to think at all, nor to will anything rationally. In order therefore that heaven might subsist, and the human race from conjunction with it, the Word was provided by the Lord, in which there is Divine Truth for angels and men. For the Word in its spiritual and celestial senses is of such a nature as to contain angelic wisdom itself within it in so surpassing a degree that it is scarcely possible for a man to form any conception of its excellence, although in the letter it seems to be quite simple and unpolished.
 From this it is evident, that heaven possesses its wisdom from the Word when it is read by man, and at the same time he is in conjunction with heaven. For this end such a Word has been given to man. It therefore follows, that if this medium of conjunction were not in the world, conjunction with heaven would perish, and consequently every good of the will and every truth of the understanding in man; and together with these that very human quality which binds man to man. Consequently evil and falsity would be in full possession and human society would come to an end. For it would be like a man walking in dense darkness, and stumbling wherever he went, and it would be like the head in a delirium, in consequence of which the body would rush madly and insanely to its own destruction; again it would be as when the heart is faint, in consequence of which the internal organs and members cease to perform their functions, until the whole body dies. Such would be the state of man unless heaven were conjoined with him, and this would not be the case unless the Word existed there, or unless Divine Truth were communicated immediately by the angels as was done in ancient times.