God, as life itself


[1 of 2] Swedenborg (1688-1772, Sweden): primary subject "Nature" (search under Cosmology/Science)": source "Divine Love and Wisdom": detail "Section 159"
Now, because nature begins from the sun, and all that exists and subsists from it is called natural, it follows that nature, with all things belonging thereto, in general and in particular, is dead. That nature in man and in animals appears as it were alive, is owing to the Life which accompanies and actuates.
 Since the lowest things of nature which form the earths are dead, and are not mutable and various according to the states of affections and thoughts, as in the spiritual world, but are immutable and fixed, therefore there are spaces in nature, and there are distances of spaces. These things are so, because creation has ceased there, and subsists in rest. Hence it is evident that spaces are proper to nature; and because spaces in nature are not appearances of spaces according to states of life, as in the spiritual world, they also may be called dead.
 Since times in like manner are stated and constant, they also are proper to nature; thus the time of a day is constantly twenty-four hours, and the time of a year is constantly three hundred and sixty-five days and a quarter. The very states of light and shade, and of heat and cold, by which the times are varied, are also constant in returning. All these states, because they are not states of life, as in the spiritual world, are also dead: for in the spiritual world there is continual light and continual heat, and the light corresponds to the state of wisdom, and the heat to the state of love, with the angels; whence their states are living.

[2 of 2] Swedenborg (1688-1772, Sweden): primary subject "House, represents Man" (search under Inner Life/Meanings)": source "Arcana Coelestia, vol.9": detail "Section 7847"
Angelic ideas are such, that natural things have reference to such as belong to man: the reason is, that the spiritual world or heaven is in the form of a man. All things of that world, therefore, that is, all spiritual things which are truths and goods, have reference to that form [via correspondences]. And as, in the ideas of angels, natural things become spiritual, so also does a house. To them a house is the mind of man; the bed-chambers and apartments are the interiors of the mind, and the windows, doors, posts, and lintels are the exteriors of the mind which introduce. Inasmuch as angelic ideas are of such a character, they are living; and thus the things which in the natural world are dead objects, become, when they pass into the spiritual world, living objects; for everything spiritual is living, because it proceeds from the Lord.