Nature, as a reflection of spiritual world


[1 of 1] Swedenborg (1688-1772, Sweden): primary subject "Nature, as a reflection of spiritual world" (search under Cosmology/Science)": source "Spiritual Experiences, vol.2": detail "Section 2475 - 2479"
I spoke with spirits about worms that become butterflies, that they are a portrayal of heavenly life, in that they had been lowly little worms, creeping in the soil, eating herbs, thus the most worthless creatures. And meanwhile they are being prepared for a kind of figurative heaven suited to them, turning in their cocoons into little, beautiful flying animals. Then being lifted up from the soil into the air, their heaven, they fly, busy themselves with their roses, eating their nectar, playing their marital sports, laying their eggs, and so relishing their happiness. It came out quite clearly that these are portrayals of the reformation and regeneration of the lowly human being, and their being continued in their posterity portrays the eternal in the case of humanity.
 Then the conversation turned to other things both in the animate kingdom and in the vegetable kingdom, summarily to the effect that nothing at all exists in those kingdoms that does not portray the kingdom of the Lord with a variety beyond measure. Also, that if it were not so, not a thing in those kingdoms could possibly exist and continue. All things to the very least in nature originate from the kingdom of the Lord and are thus remote images of it.
 When some said that so many revelations confused their mind, I was inspired to reply that even if they were beyond number, they would not be at all confusing, but illuminating, otherwise than in the case of those who try to deduce spiritual information by gathering data. They confuse themselves so much in many ways that to them there is nothing but confusion, to the point where they believe nothing. But those who have faith and see these matters from the viewpoint of spiritual and heavenly truths, the Lord leading them, are not at all confused, but enlightened. For them, all things down to the very least are confirmatory, as I also have seen by a spiritual mental image, so that I perceived the truth of the matter.
 Because there is nothing in the universe that is not a portrayal of the kingdom of the Lord, we are able to be taught by everything that comes before our eyes, even about the fact that very inward and innermost things are unfathomable. Specifically, we can learn this just from the development of the human body in the womb, also from the progressive formation then of everything in the tender little body, namely that only several members become active and many remain without any function, such as the lungs, the stomach, the intestines, the kidneys, and many others, as well as muscles and organs of sensation. Yet the development is such that they are looking to the phases ahead, and are meanwhile growing toward their uses. So for many months all, down to the very least parts, are looking to the uses that follow, then others come up to be of service that in the meantime have been fitted to their functions, such, for example, as the oval foramen, etc.
 This is a portrayal of innermost and very inward things, or of the Lord working through innermost and very inward things, for which reason they are inscrutable, namely what use these organs will perform in the successive chain of time and space, which nevertheless contain within themselves the series of things to follow, even up to the ultimate moment of birth. And so it goes on in the subsequent stage that what is to follow is constantly looked to.
 Inward things, on the other hand, are portrayed by things in the body, with respect to the outer form of the body, or its use outwardly, its faculty of feeling and action. They are likewise unfathomable, nor can they ever be arrived at, much less understood, on the basis of the outer parts of the body, because we see hardly anything to compare them with. Nonetheless inward things act together in forming outer ones to such a degree that hardly any inward thing may be lacking without something going wrong.
 If I were to state that one tiniest fiber, which is extremely fine and not even visible to the eyes, as it were knows the condition of the whole body, it may appear incredible to anyone, but still it is true. Otherwise the very least elements could not work together toward the preservation of the general state.