Inner sight would be misused


[1 of 3] Swedenborg (1688-1772, Sweden): primary subject "Discernment, and spiritual insight" (search under Inner Life/Experiences)": source "Spiritual Experiences, vol.3": detail "Section 4729a -4730a"
I spoke with angels about inner sight, saying that people on earth do not have it, because otherwise they would increase their wickedness, so much so that they would inwardly and secretly hurt each other. Inner sight is the ability to find out what another is thinking, and what another wills, for this is granted to spirits in the other life. They perceive what another is like just from their approach. Angels perceive still more qualities, and inward ones, from the Lord.
 And at that time I also spoke about wild animals, saying that they too have perception, each in keeping with its own species, and this because they are in their own order, and therefore they are born with their complete nature, and are fully in it from their very birth, having no need to learn it. For example, they know their food, their master, their enemies, their companions, and very much more instinctive knowledge recorded by natural history. It appears that this is due to a certain sense of smell, but it is not, for perception is the beginning of the sense of smell, and it turns into smell in the other life at the Lord's good pleasure.

[2 of 3] Swedenborg (1688-1772, Sweden): primary subject "Humans, controlled by spirits" (search under Beings/Other Beings)": source "Spiritual Experiences, vol.4": detail "Section 5151"
A certain spirit wondered why heaven is not open to the inhabitants on this earth as it is to others, that is to say, why it is that others speak with spirits and angels, are taught by them, and so at the least know that there is a heaven, that life is eternal, that people live after death, and many other things having to do with salvation. But the reason is that the inhabitants of this earth are immersed in lowest things into which they have sunk themselves through desire for positions of control, through loves of being more prestigious than others, of preeminence and of gaining all things of the world. As a consequence most of them are sensual and immersed in the lowest things, for which reason heaven is closed. Were it opened they would perish immediately, because spirits from this earth who are like this yearn for nothing other than the death of another, and a person in whom the inner regions have been opened is led at the whim of spirits who are of such a nature. Consequently they would put themselves to death and also profane what is holy, for as soon as they turn themselves to the world, they deny, or rather ridicule, heavenly things as relatively nothing. On this account, even the angels, with whom they are in respect to their inner elements, suffer, and heaven as well. On this account the angels turn away, and so the inner person is closed. For this reason, if heaven had been opened to them after it had ceased to be associated, that is to say, after the angels had moved away, then the hells would lead not simply to wicked things, but to actual murder, because they breathe nothing else than the desire to murder one another. And people can die, but not a spirit, and people are led differently than spirits, because they have a physical body.

[3 of 3] Swedenborg (1688-1772, Sweden): primary subject "World, spiritual" (search under Beings/Other Beings)": source "Spiritual Experiences, vol.4": detail "Section 5645"
Sometimes an earthly person, as to the spirit, appears to be another among the others there [in the world of spirits]. They said that they frequently see them, and nevertheless they can tell from several indications that it is not a spirit come there from the world after death. But this happens more with those who think inwardly in themselves more deeply than the rest, for then their thought is drawn away from sensory matters having to do with the body, and so it is seen. However, those who think only on their sense-level and do not raise their thoughts above this, never appear. Spirits do not know anything about a person, or where the person is, since the body does not appear before their eyes, just as a spirit does not before the person's eyes. Some searched intensely, but found nothing. Those who were malicious did this, but they were rejected; for if evil spirits knew where a person is and that they were with a person, they would destroy him entirely, and in this way they would destroy the whole human race, because such is their inward viciousness. They also regard people on earth as vile and are utterly contemptuous of them. But the Lord loves people.