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[1 of 1] Swedenborg (1688-1772, Sweden): primary subject "Christianity, criticisms of" (search under Outer Life/Religions, Ways)": source "Of the Last Judgment and the Babylon which has been Destroyed": detail "Section 73 -74"
But as for the state of the church [following the last judgment], this it is which will be dissimilar hereafter; it will be similar indeed in the outward form, but dissimilar in the inward. To outward appearance divided churches will exist as heretofore, their doctrines will be taught as heretofore; and the same religions as now, will exist among the Gentiles. But henceforth the man of the church will be in a more free state of thinking on matters of faith, that is, on spiritual things which relate to heaven, because spiritual liberty has been restored to him. For all things in the heavens and in the hells are now reduced into order, and all thinking which entertains or opposes Divine things inflows from thence — from the heavens — all which is in harmony with Divine things, and from the hells all which is opposed to them. But man does not observe this change of state in himself, because he does not reflect upon it, and because he knows nothing of spiritual liberty or of influx: nevertheless it is perceived in heaven, and also by man himself when he dies. Since spiritual liberty has been restored to man, the spiritual sense of the Word [Bible] is now unveiled, and interior Divine Truths are revealed by means of it; for man in his former state would not have understood them, and he who would have understood them, would have profaned them. This liberty is given to man by means of an equilibrium between heaven and hell, for man cannot be reformed except in freedom.
 I have had various converse with the angels, concerning the state of the church hereafter. They said, that things to come they knew not, for that the knowledge of things to come belongs to the Lord alone, but that they do know that the slavery and captivity in which the man of the church was formerly, is removed, and that now, from restored liberty, he can better perceive interior truths, if he wills to perceive them, and thus be made more internal, if he wills it; but that still they have slender hope of the men of the Christian church, but much of some nation far distant from the Christian world, and therefore removed from infesters, which nation is such that it is capable of receiving spiritual light, and of being made a celestial-spiritual man, and they said, that at this day interior Divine Truths are revealed in that nation, and are also received in spiritual faith, that is, in life and in heart, and that it worships the Lord.