Fundamental change


[1 of 1] St. Catherine of Genoa (1447-1510, Italy): primary subject "Hell, Hades" (search under Afterlife/Afterlife, Heaven, Hell)": source "Mystical Element of Religion"
It is the will's opposition to the Will of God which causes guilt; and as long as this evil will continues, so long does the guilt continue. For those, then, who have departed this life with an evil will there is no remission of the guilt, neither can there be, because there can be no more change of will. … In passing out of this life, the soul is established for good or evil, according to its deliberate purpose at the time; as it is written, 'where I shall find thee,' that is, at the hour of death, with a will either determined to sin, or sorry for sin and penitent, 'there will I judge thee.'