[1 of 4] Swedenborg (1688-1772, Sweden): primary subject "Atmospheres" (search under Cosmology/Science)": source "Apocalypse Explained, vol.6": detail "‘Divine Wisdom’ [posthumous] XII.5"
But how the Lord from His Divine Love and Divine Wisdom, which are life itself, flows into and animates the whole of creation, shall also be briefly explained. The proceeding Divine is that which encompasses Him, and appears to the angels as a Sun. From this proceeds His Divine by means of spiritual atmospheres, which He had created for the transmission of light and heat even to the angels, and which He had accommodated to the life of both their minds and bodies, in order that from light they might receive intelligence, and also see, and according to correspondence might also breathe — for angels respire just as men do — and in order that they might receive love from heat, and have sensation, and that also, according to correspondence, their hearts might beat; for the hearts of angels beat like those of men. Those spiritual atmospheres increase in density by discrete degrees even to the angels of the lowest heaven, to whom they in this way become accommodated. It is for this reason that angels of the highest heaven live as in a pure aura, the angels of the middle heaven as in ether, and the angels of the lowest heaven as in air.

[2 of 4] Swedenborg (1688-1772, Sweden): primary subject "Atmospheres" (search under Cosmology/Science)": source "Divine Love and Wisdom": detail "Section 302 - 303"
The Atmospheres, which are three in both worlds, the spiritual and the natural, in their ultimates cease into substances and matters of the nature of those in earths. And because the atmospheres decrease in their progression downwards, it follows that they become continually more compressed and inert, and at length in the last resort so compressed and so inert, that they are no longer atmospheres, but substances at rest, and in the natural world fixed substances, like those in the earth which are called matters. From this origin of substances and matters it follows, First, that these substances and matters also are of three degrees. Secondly, that they are held together in mutual connection by the ambient atmospheres. Thirdly, that they are accommodated to the production of all uses in their forms.
 That substances or matters such as those in earths have been produced by the sun through its atmospheres will assuredly be affirmed by all who consider that there are perpetual mediations from the primal thing to the ultimates: and that nothing can exist except from a prior self, and at length from a Prime? The Prime is the sun of the spiritual world, and the Prime of that sun is God Man or the Lord. Now because atmospheres are those prior things through which that sun presents itself in ultimates, and because those prior things continually decrease in activity and expansion down to the ultimates, it follows that when their activity and expansion cease in the ultimates, these become such substances and matters as exist in earths; which retain in them out of the atmospheres from which they originated, an effort and endeavour to bring forth uses.

[3 of 4] Swedenborg (1688-1772, Sweden): primary subject "Substance, and matter" (search under Cosmology/Science)": source "Divine Love and Wisdom": detail "Section 300 - 301"
There is one only substance from which all things are, and that the sun of the spiritual world is that substance; and because the Divine is not in space, and because it is the same in the greatest and least things, therefore that sun which is the first proceedent of God Man is so likewise. And further, that that one only substance, which is the sun, proceeding by means of atmospheres according to continuous degrees or those of latitude, and at the same time according to discrete degrees or those of altitude, presents the varieties of all things in the created universe. The angels also said that these things can in no wise be comprehended, unless spaces be removed from ideas; and that if they are not removed, appearances must, necessarily induce fallacies. Yet these fallacies cannot be induced so long as the thought is held that God is the very Esse from which all things come.
 Moreover, from angelic ideas, which are apart from space, it is manifest that nothing lives in the created universe but God Man alone, that is the Lord; and that nothing is moved but by life from Him; and that nothing is but through the sun from Him; so that it is a truth, that in God we live, are moved, and are.

[4 of 4] Swedenborg (1688-1772, Sweden): primary subject "God, as love and wisdom" (search under Beings/God)": source "Divine Love and Wisdom": detail "Section 296 - 297"
There are three things in the Lord which are the Lord, the Divine of Love, the Divine of Wisdom, and the Divine of Use; and these three are presented in appearance outside the sun of the spiritual world, the Divine of Love by heat, the Divine of Wisdom by Light, and the Divine of Use by atmosphere, which is the continent. Everyone who thinks with any enlightenment is able to see that love has use for an end, and intends it, and that it produces use through wisdom; for love cannot produce any use of itself, but by means of wisdom. What indeed is love, unless there be something that is loved? This something is use; and because use is that which is loved, and it is produced by wisdom, it follows that use is the continent of wisdom and love. These three, love, wisdom and use, follow in order according to the degrees of altitude, and that the last degree is the complex, continent and basis of the prior degrees. From these things it may appear that these three, the Divine of love, the Divine of Wisdom, and the Divine of use, are in the Lord, and that in essence they are the Lord.