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Suffering and the Transformation of Suffering:
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Suffering and the Journey from Suffering to Love
Suffering and its Role in Human Development

A collection of quotations drawn from literature, religion, philosophy and esotericism showing the possibilities hidden in the unavoidable sufferings of human life.

The Thorn and the Rose: A Journey from Suffering to Love, compiled and edited by Anthony Williams.

Published by Archive Publications, 255 pages, price $19.50, includes bibliography, notes, index.

"What we can try to do is to grasp our suffering and turn it into an asset"

"Suffering comes to us, not to make us sad, but sober; not to make us sorry, but wise"

A Source Book for the Understanding of Suffering

The Thorn and the Rose: A Journey from Suffering to Love is for anyone who needs to learn how to deal with present suffering or who wants to know how others have viewed the role of suffering in human life. It includes nearly 1000 selections from over 300 authors, and presents advice that combines a down-to-earth commonsense approach to life with a sometimes surprising and often profound understanding about the nature and true meaning of suffering.

The authors quoted here have faced pain, tragedy and loss. But instead of becoming embittered and resentful, they have found another path through their sufferings that has changed their understanding of themselves and deepened their relationship to their fellow men and the world.

This work is a serious and heartfelt collection that takes us on a distinct journey, beginning with the re-education and regeneration of our understanding of the purposes behind suffering. This leads to the core of the book, the chapter on how we can deal with suffering in practice. And the final sections show how this practice can result in a greater love and fellowship for others and a transformation of the spirit.

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