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[Sunday June 16] Jefferies, Richard (1816-1896, England): primary subject "Miracles" (search under Outer Life/Doctrine, Rites, Scriptures)": source "Cosmic Consciousness": detail "From ‘The Story of my Heart’"
Writers, Poets, ArtistsWhen I consider that I dwell this moment in the eternal Now that has ever been and will be, that I am in the midst of immortal things this moment, that there probably are souls as infinitely superior to mine as mine to a piece of timber—what, then, is a "miracle"?

[Saturday June 15] Abu Hafs Haddad (d. 879, Iran): primary subject "Judging others" (search under Inner Life/Teachings)"
IslamNo one ought to claim insight into others. Rather, he must fear the insights that others have into him.

[Friday June 14] St. John Cassian (c. 360-435, Italy): primary subject "Body, as enemy" (search under Outer Life/Body)": source "Institutes": detail "From Book I.9"
Christianity: Church FathersWhile we are still in this world we cannot be completely set free from care and anxiety about the flesh, nor can we be altogether released from it, we should at least provide for the wants of the body with as little fuss and as slight an entanglement as possible.

[Thursday June 13] Nizam al-din Awliya (1242-1325, India): primary subject "Riches" (search under Inner Life/Teachings)"
IslamGold is there only for giving. For keeping, a stone will do just as good.

[Wednesday June 12] Osho (Rajneesh) (1931-1990, India): primary subject "Love, of good, existence, empathy" (search under Inner Life/Love, Positive Emotion, Virtue, Will)"
India, Iran, Tibet, BuddhismLove is the ultimate music to me. It does not even need the other. If the other is needed, it is animal love, or at the most human love. But when the other is not needed at all, then it is divine love. Then it is not a question of relationship, it is not even a question of being loving: you become love itself. Then you are the music, you are the song. It is no longer a quality, no longer an activity. It is your very being.

[Tuesday June 11] Herrigel, Eugen (1884-1955, Germany): primary subject "Experience, is necessary" (search under Inner Life/Experiences)"
Writers, Poets, ArtistsThere is and can be no other way to mysticism than the way of personal experience and suffering, and if this premise is lacking, all talk about it is so much empty chatter.